One Day Botox Blowout!

Written on May 9, 2012 at 11:27 am

Everyone knows about Botox, and we often hear that people are interested in Botox, but don’t really understand the cost or results.  Botox is priced by unit and like anything else, how many units you need vary person to person depending on your muscle strength and thickness.  This is a woman who received Botox to smooth out crows feet and was given 12 units to treat each side.  The result is a smoother and refreshed look that will last about 4 months.






Botox is one of the most popular ways to look younger and more rested.  Davis Plastic Surgery currently charges $12 a unit for Botox, but we are having a One Day Blowout Special on May 10th and charging only $9 a unit. This is a one day special only and the appointments will be going quickly.  If you have been considering Botox now is the time to book your appointment with Jenna. You deserve to look your best this summer!