Mini Tummy Tuck

Rather than a full tummy tuck, some patients may be able to achieve excellent results with this less invasive procedure from our Raleigh, NC practice. A mini abdominoplasty, or mini tummy tuck, is an effective option for anyone whose lower abdomen displays poor muscle tone, along with moderate excess skin and fat. It is often a part of a mommy makeover since it can address loose skin and fat, and repair the separated muscles that many women experience after childbearing. The result is a firmer, flatter, more youthful looking tummy.

Please Request a Consultation to learn more about the difference between a standard tummy tuck and mini tummy tuck, and to find out which one is right for you.

The Best Candidates

Not everyone is a good candidate for the mini tummy tuck. A consultation with Dr. Glenn M. Davis or Dr. Jeremy Pyle is essential to determine whether or not this procedure will give you the results you’re looking for. Some of the same concerns that can be resolved through a traditional tummy tuck can also be addressed during a mini tummy tuck, such as lax abdominal muscles, loose skin, and localized fatty deposits. The difference is that only the lower part of the abdomen (below the belly button) is addressed in a mini tummy tuck. Additionally, visible stretch marks may not be reduced as much if you have stretch marks that extend to the mid and upper portions of your abdomen.

It’s important to maintain realistic expectations about what a mini tummy tuck can accomplish. Ideal candidates will already be at a stable weight and will not have any major weight loss or pregnancy plans in the future.

What to Expect

During the procedure, an incision is made in the lower abdomen, placed carefully so that even revealing clothing like swimsuits should still hide the scar. This incision is generally smaller than that used for a standard abdominoplasty. Since this procedure only involves the lower abdominal region, no incisions are necessary around the navel. Excess fat will be sculpted away with liposuction, muscles will be repaired and tightened, and excess, sagging skin will be removed. Incisions are then sutured and the skin will be bandaged and wrapped in a supportive compression garment to help minimize swelling and promote healing.

With patient comfort and safety in mind, Dr. Davis, Dr. Pyle, and Dr. Wood utilize the “drain-free” approach to mini abdominoplasty. Patients no longer have to deal with the discomfort and upkeep associated with temporary drains in the incision site. The drain-free approach provides greater patient comfort, reduces the risk of infection, and may provide a quicker recovery.

As a complimentary service to our patients, Dr. Davis, Dr. Pyle, and Dr. Wood administer Exparel®, a local anesthetic that lasts 3-4 days, to provide additional pain control. This reduces the need for oral pain medications and enhances the recovery process by improving patient comfort.

After Your Procedure

The healing process after a mini tummy tuck is typically a bit shorter than for a traditional tummy tuck. Patients may feel stiff and experience some discomfort in the abdominal region at first, especially when standing fully upright. However, most of our patients are able to return to a normal, light schedule within a week or two. Your surgeon will advise you when more vigorous activity can be resumed.

The New You

After surgery, the annoying “pooch” or “flab” that used to linger on your lower belly will be replaced by a slimmer, more sculpted appearance. Many patients enjoy the freedom to wear more form-fitting clothing and the ability to look forward to bathing suit season with confidence!

Dr. Davis, Dr. Pyle, and Dr. Wood have helped patients from Durham, Chapel Hill and all over North Carolina enjoy a positive, rewarding and comfortable cosmetic surgery experience. If you’re ready to see the difference that our team can make in your life, please Request a Consultation today or call 919-785-1220.

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