Your face is the first impression you present to the world, and it’s also the area of the body that ages the most quickly. Through facial cosmetic surgery procedures from our Raleigh, NC practice, Dr. Davis, Dr. Pyle, and Dr. Wood can help you look younger and more refreshed, without leaving you looking “done.”

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A facelift from our experienced surgeons can greatly improve the most visible signs of aging on your face and neck by surgically tightening lax facial and neck muscles and removing sagging skin. The result is a more sculpted jaw line, firmer neck, and overall, a rejuvenated younger looking you.

The delicate tissues around the eyes are one of the first areas of the face to show the signs of aging. Drooping, sagging skin and puffiness can create a tired or worn appearance. Eyelid surgery removes excess skin and fat to correct droopy or heavy lids and reduces bags and dark circles under the eyes. The result: a more youthful, well rested you.

With cosmetic nose surgery, Dr. Pyle can alter the size, shape or profile of your nose to bring your facial features into better harmony. Rhinoplasty may also be performed to bring relief to patients who have had nose injuries or suffer from breathing problems or internal irregularities in their nasal structure.

A brow lift may be the answer for helping you look younger and more refreshed if the appearance of low-set eyebrows has left your forehead looking “fallen,” overshadowing your eyes. Dr. Pyle performs this procedure for a younger and smoother looking brow area.

Few patients realize how much extra fat in the lower face and neck can age them. With facial liposuction, also known as submental liposuction, the fatty deposits under the chin and jowls can be sculpted away, revealing more youthful definition without extensive surgery or downtime.

Migraines can be treated using BOTOX® or removed altogether through a surgical procedure. Using one of these approaches, headaches for many people will go away and for most will get dramatically better.

Dr. Davis, Dr. Pyle, and Dr. Wood have helped patients from Durham, Chapel Hill, and all over North Carolina, enjoy a positive, rewarding and comfortable cosmetic surgery experience.

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