Brow Lift

With age, it’s common for men and women to notice a gradual change in brow placement as gravity pulls downward on the forehead and facial skin. The appearance of low-set eyebrows can leave your forehead looking “fallen,” overshadowing the eyes. Although many patients initially believe that they need eyelid surgery to improve the upset or tired look that a sagging brow can create, a brow lift may be the answer for helping you look younger and more refreshed.

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The Best Candidates

The ideal candidates for a brow left are those men and women who have noticed a change in brow shape or placement, or who are troubled by deep frown lines and horizontal forehead creases. Upper eyelids may look heavy or hooded as well, which can lead to a constant impression of looking stressed, angry or tired. Most brow lift patients are over the age of 40, but Dr. Pyle tailors each procedure to your individual needs rather than a specific chronological age.

Candidates should also be in good general physical and mental health, and have realistic expectations about what they can expect from a brow lift. Men and women who notice pronounced crow’s feet, for example, may want to incorporate BOTOX® Cosmetic with their brow lift while noticeable bags below the eye can be corrected with eyelid surgery. Dr. Pyle can advise you in the best way combining procedures can help you meet your cosmetic goals.

What to Expect

Before surgery, Dr. Pyle will carefully examine your facial structure to determine the best approach to take during your procedure. For most patients, small incisions are hidden in the hairline and Dr. Pyle can then lift and tighten the skin and muscles in the brow area. This corrects the source of visible lines and creases in the forehead for a smoother, younger look.

The exact surgical process will vary depending on a number of factors. Women tend to have a naturally higher brow arch than men, while men’s brows are less pronounced, and not everyone’s forehead ages in quite the same way or exactly the same area. Dr. Pyle specializes in customizing the procedure to each patient’s goals and needs. After surgery, the incisions are closed with sutures that will be removed a few days later.

After Your Procedure

After surgery, you can expect your forehead to be taped at first to help prevent movement of the muscles through the forehead. Dr. Pyle will ask you to sleep with your head elevated to better promote the healing process, and may recommend the use of ice packs to help you feel more comfortable at first. Bruising and swelling should be minimal and dissipate within the first week.

Although a brow lift can help reduce existing signs of aging through the upper face, the aging process continues after surgery. For this reason, patients may choose to incorporate ongoing treatments of BOTOX® to help preserve the results of their surgery for longer.

The New You

After surgery, your eye and brow area should look rejuvenated and relaxed, helping you look more well-rested and youthful while at the same time correcting worry lines and the potential for vision obstruction that can sometimes result from a fallen brow.

Dr. Pyle has helped men and women from Durham, Chapel Hill and all over North Carolina enjoy a positive, rewarding and comfortable cosmetic surgery experience. If you’re ready to see the difference that brow lift surgery can make in your appearance, please Request a Consultation today or call 919-785-1220.


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