Double Chin Treatment

A recent survey found that 68% of people are unhappy with the area under their chin in photos.1 So you’re not alone if you cringe a little when you look at yourself in the mirror or in pictures. But on the plus side, it is also a fairly easy and reliable area to treat.

Understanding how to treat it starts with understanding what the problem is. The problem in the area under the chin (called the submentum, which translated from Latin means “area under the chin”) is a layer of fat just beneath the skin. This fat stretches the skin and changes the appearance of the area where you neck meets your chin.

Instead of having a fairly sharp angle, the submental area can appear a bit rounded. The goal of any treatment is first to address and sharpen this angle by getting rid of the pad of fat. The next goal may include sculpting the jawline and thinning the volume of the neck in general.

We offer three treatments for double chins:

  • We have used liposuction with great results and great success for many years. It is reliable, can be safely done and is well tolerated without needing to go to sleep, and has very little risk.
  • CoolSculpting has no needles, no surgery, no downtime, and just an hour in a chair with a machine strapped to the area to cool the tissues and kill the fat cells.
  • Kybella™ (more information below) also kills fat cells, but does so in an incremental fashion using an injectable solution. Kybella™ allows a progressive evaluation and treatment according to your desired results over time.

Each of these has a place in a modern approach to the area under the chin. The great challenge in getting a great result very often depends more on choosing the right tool than in how that tool is implemented. If you are considering treatment in this area, or if you are bothered by it, seek out a plastic surgeon who offers all three treatments and is comfortable with each. This truly is an area with great rewards in the right setting.

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More about Kybella™

Kybella™ is an FDA-approved treatment that can reduce moderate to severe fat deposits under the chin, smoothing away your double chin without surgery. This liposuction alternative destroys fat cells with deoxycholic acid, a natural compound found in the body that absorbs fat. The treatment itself takes only a few minutes, and can deliver excellent results in only 2 to 6 sessions; although, patient experiences vary.

The best candidates for Kybella™ double chin treatment are men or women who are bothered by stubborn pockets of fat under the chin. While a double chin can be symptomatic of being overweight, many individuals without any history of weight problems feel that their appearance suffers due to their persistent double chin. Kybella™ can also be used to fine-tune your liposuction results in the area beneath your chin.

Kybella™ works by inserting tiny needles containing deoxycholic acid into fat deposits beneath the jawline. In a single session, up to 50 needles may be inserted into the target area for maximum effectiveness. When deoxycholic acid is injected below the chin, the chemical disrupts fat cell membranes, destroying the cells and allowing the body to metabolize them naturally. This results in a gradual diminishing of the fat deposits that create the appearance of a double chin.

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Kybella™ Treatments and Results

Prior to your Kybella™ treatment, you will have a detailed consultation with our medical spa professionals to assess your needs. During this time, our aestheticians will determine whether you may be a good candidate for Kybella™ and whether including additional procedures, if any, may produce the best cosmetic results. Your Kybella™ treatment session should only last about 15 minutes, and most patients see the best results after a series of 2 to 6 sessions spaced a month apart; although, your experience may vary.

Because Kybella™ is a minimally invasive treatment, the procedure requires little to no downtime. Most patients develop some swelling following their treatment, which is symptomatic of the destruction of fat cells. You may also experience some bruising or mild discomfort. Bruising and swelling should fade within approximately 48 to 72 hours, making Kybella™ a perfect weekend procedure.

Davis & Pyle Plastic Surgery has helped men and women from all over North Carolina, including Durham and Chapel Hill, enjoy a positive, rewarding and comfortable medical spa experience. If you’re ready to see the difference that double chin treatment can make in your appearance, please Request a Consultation today or call 919-785-1220.

1 American Society for Dermatologic Surgery, 2014 ASDS Consumer Survey on Cosmetic Dermatologic Procedures

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