Is Summer a Good Time to Get Breast Implants?

As the summer months bring thoughts of revealing tank tops and sexy sundresses, many women start considering breast implants more seriously. Breast implants can be an excellent option for women interested in improving their proportions or restoring lost volume after pregnancy or weight fluctuations, and augmentation can also provide a welcome boost for women whose breasts never developed as they had hoped.

Before you rush into surgery, though, you may want to consider a couple of factors when it comes to properly timing your breast augmentation.

The Drive for the Perfect Bikini Body

Summer tends to be a popular season to consider what breast implants can do for you. As the weather becomes warmer and beach outings are on the horizon, this may seem like the ideal time to enhance your figure and finally achieve that perfect bikini body. Adding a boost to your breast volume can turn a pear-shaped figure into an hourglass by balancing out wide hips, not to mention boosting your self-confidence to boot.

The problem with planning your breast augmentation with an immediate bikini-ready body in mind is that you may have unrealistic expectations about your recovery and results. Breast implants can certainly have a significant positive affect on your profile, but seeing the new changes in your appearance can take time.

Plus, getting implants won’t improve every breast appearance concern. For example, if you have significant sagging, a breast lift might be a better solution. Consulting with a plastic surgeon is an important part of ensuring the best outcome from your breast enhancement, and finding the best surgeon is a process that may take longer than a summer to complete.

Planning Ahead for Breast Augmentation

One of the most critical aspects of breast augmentation is the need to plan ahead. Although your breasts will look noticeably different right after surgery, you should account for your recovery period and a period of ‘settling’ before you see your final results. In other words, don’t plan your breast augmentation appointment a week before that big pool party!

Most breast augmentation patients are able to return to work after about a week, but residual bruising and swelling can take several additional weeks to subside. During this time, it’s unlikely that you will want to go out, particularly if you’re wearing a bikini.

Finally, it’s important to account for implant settling. This is the process in which your body fully accommodates the implants and they drop into a soft, full, natural shape and position. While every patient is different, it is not uncommon to wait up to six months before you really feel confident in your new look.

Perfect Timing for Your Augmentation

If you’ve taken all of the above into consideration and are still interested in getting breast implants over the summer, there’s no reason why you can’t schedule your surgery during June, July or August. For many women, the more relaxed daily schedule that summer typically offers simply works better for planning breast augmentation and recovery.

While every patient heals at a different rate, most women feel up to showing off their new curves by around a month after augmentation. Even though your implants may not have fully settled quite yet, you should feel comfortable and be well beyond the immediate healing stage. As long as you continue to avoid any strenuous activities for a couple more weeks to come, you can plan on enjoying your breast implants to their fullest for the rest of summer.

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