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It’s hard to feel like you’re putting your best face forward when you’re self-conscious about uneven skin tone, age spots or a dull complexion. Skin rejuvenation treatments from our Skin Raleigh medical spa can help you recover your youthful radiance and a healthy glow without surgery or injections.

During your treatment, you can enjoy feeling pampered in our relaxing med spa and let the rest of the world melt away. With all the hard work you put toward taking care of everyone around you, isn’t it time to invest some of that energy back into yourself?

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The Cellfina™ System is the first FDA-cleared treatment for cellulite that offers long-term results and 93% patient satisfaction, even 3 years after treatment.1

Fraxel® Dual is the latest, most widely recognized fractional laser in the industry. This laser delivers superior resurfacing and rejuvenation with minimal downtime. By combining two lasers into one treatment, you can achieve remarkably smoother, firmer and younger-looking skin without surgery.

We offer a wide variety of laser treatments to effectively address multiple concerns. Defy the signs of aging, correct uneven skin tone and brown spots, tighten your skin, reduce sun damage, treat unsightly veins and more with our complete line of lasers.

We offer a complete hand rejuvenation package including RADIESSE® filler, which was recently FDA-approved for correcting volume loss in the backs of the hands.

A safe, non-invasive skin treatment, Clear + Brilliant gently revives the skin to improve tone and texture while delivering a radiant, youthful glow. It can provide more rejuvenation than a facial but isn’t as extensive or as involved as more aggressive skin resurfacing or remodeling procedures.

Turn back the signs of aging by non-invasively lifting, toning and tightening your skin. Our expert technicians focus sound waves deep under your skin to heat, lift and tighten loose skin without any damage to the skin’s surface, or any downtime.

The SkinPen® microneedling tool creates controlled micro-injuries that trigger your body’s healing response for smoother, more youthful-looking skin.

The Forever Young BBL™ photofacial is an advanced form of IPL (intense pulsed light) therapy, which repairs sun-damaged skin so you can enjoy a more even and youthful complexion.

Chemical peels are one of the most time tested, cost effective treatments to unveil beautiful skin by carefully removing the outermost layer of rough, aging, sun-damaged skin. Whether you desire a superficial, mild treatment or something more advanced, you can rely on our expert staff to determine which peel is right for you. Bask in the glow of new, healthy, radiant skin.

Microdermabrasion is a more natural skin rejuvenating procedure because it doesn’t involve the use of chemicals or lasers. Since its development in 1985, this effective exfoliating treatment has continued to evolve. We offer the most advanced, crystal-free microdermabrasion technology available. Most patients see a significant change in skin texture after just one treatment.

Dr. Davis, Dr. Pyle, and Dr. Wood have helped patients from Fayetteville, Durham and all over North Carolina enjoy a positive, rewarding and comfortable cosmetic surgery experience. If you’re ready to see the difference that our team can make in your life, please Request a Consultation today or call 919-785-1220.

1Bankhead, C., New Device for Cellulite Tx Offers Lasting Results, MedPage Today. 2016 Mar.

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